March 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our March Theme:
Happily Ever After, Tall Tales, & Myth Busters

    Fairy tales, Fractured Fairy tales, discovering the real truth…

     This month we’ll discover exciting stories of adventure that capture the imaginations of listeners and readers, each told with a purpose. While searching for the purpose, we’ll find that fairy tales have moral lessons that teach the consequences of choosing between right and wrong. Fractured fairy tales add a sense of fun and humor, providing unexpected twists to make us laugh, or to question… Tall tales feel almost believable, using exaggerations to show us they may not be all true… Myths focus on superhuman beings, told to explain a specific belief or part of nature (and we may need to apply the scientific method to sort out fact from fiction as we practice “myth-busting”)…

     As we hear stories from around the world and across time, including stories that have been told by many cultures, we’ll discover their EQ lessons, and try to emulate the values celebrated in the prevailing characters. We’ll find out that we need to ask questions, do some research, even conduct experiments to find the truth. We may also compare things past and present, old and new. We’ll discover how wild our imaginations can be, and hope that they lead us to “happily ever after!”

     (With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we will take 2 days off to pay attention to Lucky the Leprechaun and his wild antics on Thursday & Friday, March 14th & 15th!)

   Our March calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDFSeptember MTG Calendar