April 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our April Theme:
On the Sea, Under the Sea, By the Sea

    Did you know the ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and makes up 97% of the Earth’s water?  With the ocean making up such a big part of our planet, it’s amazing that we’ve only explored around 5% of it!

     This month, we will be taking sea voyages in our submarines and scuba-gear to discover and explore the ocean for ourselves.  We can explore different underwater ecosystems such as: the deep-sea with its fantastic creatures, the ocean floor where there are volcanoes, trenches and mountains, coral reefs which are populated by so many colorful corals, sponges & amazing sea animals (including Nemo), and kelp forests with their cute otters and strange sea urchins.

     When we come ashore in the coastal zones, with their sandy and rocky shores, we can explore shells, types of sand, and the creatures that crawl in and out of water at the sea’s edge.  We can look at different types of boats and ships and how they float or sink.  We can also discuss ways in which we can care for and protect our beaches and marine life.  There is music inspired by the sea, artworks galore, and sports we have fun with by sea and on the sea… not to mention the stories of mermaids, whales and pirates!  Oh there is much to be discovered in all of our curriculum areas this month!

    (We will stay on land, briefly, for our annual Spring egg hunts on April 15th and 16th!)

Our April calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!September MTG Calendar